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Drone Services
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Hurricanes, severe weather, and the sun can take its toll on condominium and homeowner association structures, as well as your personal property.  Arguing with your insurance company to pay claim is very frustrating.  Therefore, you must be prepared ahead of time.  Using a professional drone service provider allows us to photograph and video your home, property, building, or entire association before a disaster hits.  With this new technology we can get you important information that previously was only available via a helicopter or airplane.  NEFL Consulting can now document your property or association before a storm or afterwards to support your insurance claim for a reasonable price.. 

From a real estate perspective, we can provide clients with a birds eye view of the actual condition of a property or building before incurring unexpected repair bills.  Drone services, specifically drone photography and video allow us to get close up with tall structures and see things that previously went unseen, thereby allowing owners to be proactive instead of reactive.

We serve Clay, Duval, and St. Johns counties.​

If you are in need of an FAA Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft System Pilot please call 904-423-0244 or send an email using this link

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